Your Birth or Main or Psychic number is the date you are born. This is the most important date of your life, isn't it? Indeed yes, we celebrate this date with a joy. This date has a specific influence on an individuals personality. You will be knowing about these dates in my column Birth Number.  


How to calculate Birth or Main or Psychic Number:


If a person is born on 1st November, his/her main number is 1. When the name number is in two digits it is added to obtain a single digit. For example: a person born on 31 October has main number 4 (3+1).


Main number is very powerful till the age of 35-40 years, after this Destiny Number becomes more powerful. That is why we have seen people life changes all of a sudden. However there is always a role of Main Number.


Numbur Smagic has given a very important finding in terms of Birth and Destiny numbers. Each individual has two personalities: one's what he thinks about himself and second is what others think about him. Birth Number tells what we think about ourselves while Destiny number is what world is thinking about us.


There are Nine Birth Numbers and each number reflects a planet. Below is a quick look of positive and negative characteristics of each number and the planet it reflects.






Positive Traits

Negative Traits

Good manager, Leader, Practical, Creative, Very Lucky and Optimistic. Authoritative, Boisterous, Overambitious, Boasting, Adamant.
2 Moon Intuitive, Homely, Artistic, Diplomatic, Gentle, Peace lovers.  Low Self Confidence, Indecisive, Emotional, Pessimist, Sensitive, Impatient.
3 Jupiter Confident, Honest, Intellectual, Diplomatic, Disciplined.

Over Optimistic, Boastful,

Restless, Consider themselves Superior than others.

4 Rahu

Hard working, Patient, Reliable friends, Practical,

Generous, Unconventional.

Uneven Tempered, Doubtful Nature, Critical, Unsuccessful in Relations, Very Impatient.
5 Mercury Excellent Communication, Creative, Freedom Lovers, Quick Decision, Independent.

Egoistic, Moody, Too Talkative,

Irritating, Misuse their power of speech.

6 Venus Youthful, Magnetic, Good Lovers, Creative, Entertainer, Universal Friend, Responsible. Emotional, Argumentative, Addictive, Relationships Out of Marriage, Lazy, Unorganized.
7 Ketu Intuitive, Philosophical, Magnetic, Expressive, Good Speaker, Creative. Gullible, Day Dreamers, Introvert, Indecisive, Restless, Underestimate themselves.
8 Saturn Strong Willed, Hard Working, Determined, Patient, Simple, Down to Earth. Fails Relations, Revengeful, Addiction to Bad Habits, Involved to Illegal work.
9 Mars Energetic, Hard Working, Determined, Courageous, Optimistic.


Short Tempered, Accident Prone, Over Confident, Quarrelsome, Aggressive.


Now since you have seen that there are positive as well as negative traits of all numbers. What is that which helps us win Positive traits over Negative traits??? This is another important finding of "Numbur Smagic". It is your Name Numbers which will help you select positive traits of any number. Isn't it beautiful that we have something in control, which can help in changing our life. Numbur Smagic helps you to change your life by changing/modifying your name.