Number 5 represents planet Mercury.  In numerology let us understand the influence of number "Five" as Birth number or Main number. 


People born on  5th, 14th and 23rd of any month are considered as Main Number 5 people. The following characteristics are found in the people born on the above dates of any month.


Intellectual: Number 5 people are intellectual and are fast thinkers. 


Creative: Number 5 born are highly creative people. Because they can think fast, they come up with wonderful ideas within seconds. 


Powerful at Speech: Number 5 born are very suave and convincing talkers. They can move people by their words. 


Optimistic: Highly Optimistic in nature.


Versatile: They are versatile by nature and are good t many things.


Now I talked about the Number "FIVE" people POSITIVE characteristics. Any POSITIVE characteristics to its extreme becomes NEGATIVE characteristics. So lets talk about the Negative characteristics of Number "FIVE" and then something which is most important part of Numerology.


All above Positive traits become Negative like this.


  1. Irritating
  2. Misuse Power of Speech
  3. Egoistic
  4. Too talkative
  5. Loose Interest in One thing soon and diversify the efforts.
  6. Moody


So as I said, there are both positive and negative side of Number "FIVE". So what can we do to select the Positives and avoid Negatives. The answer is simple, "Name Numbers".


Your Name Number is responsible for choosing the positive traits of Number "FIVE" over it's Negative traits. So those who reflect more of  negative traits, can select the positive traits of this number by simply changing or modifying their name.



My suggestions for Number 5 people:

  • Stop hurrying all the times
  • Try not to force yourself on people
  • Control your mood swings
  • Do not diversify too much
  • Value Friends


People with Number "FIVE" as Birth number should always follow the below to get more luck in their life:


Lucky Days: Wednesday and Friday 


Lucky Colours:  Green and light shades of brown


Unlucky Colours: Black


Unlucky Numbers: 4


Lucky Dates and Numbers: 1, 3, 5 and 6 series


Lucky Stone: Green Emerald


Rules over: Number 5 rules over Brain, respiratory and nervous system


Professions most suited: Communication industry, teachers, booksellers, tourist guides, and business. Please note that Psychic Number 5 people would be the best in these jobs but it does not mean that they will not do well in other work. Based on their strengths and weaknesses, they will be the best in these areas of work.


Examples of Psychic Number 5:


Mark Zuckerberg born on 14th May 1984

Aamir Khan born on 14th March 1965



Relationship Compatibility Chart For Number 5: