Number '6' represents Venus. Venus is a benefic planet  and also known as the planet of love and peace. People born on the date of Venus or having a strong Venus in this horoscope have an artistic nature and are very passionate. Generally seen, all the celebrities have a strong Venus in their horoscope or in some way or the other they are ruled by the Number 6. In numerology let us understand the influence of number "SIX" as Birth number or Main number.


People born on 6th , 15th and 24th of any month are people with Birth no. 6. The following characteristics are found in the people born on the above dates of any month.


Romantic: Number 6 people are extremely romantic by nature.


Appreciators of Beauty: Number 6 people just love everything which is beautiful, whether it be a good painting, an expensive watch or a beautiful place.


Emotional: Number 6 people are emotional because of which they are hurt quiet often. 


Creative:  Number 6 people are highly creative and entertainers. 


Entertainers: Number 6 people are very entertaining and  happy go lucky and always lively and youthful. They always feel young.


Inventive / Innovative: Number 6 people always try to think out of the box. They have the knack of it and come out with innovative solutions for every problem.


Magnetic Personality: Venus attracts the opposite sex easily so Number 6 people have a magnetic personality. 


Spend lavishly: Number 6 people are fond of the good things of life. They love to wear expensive clothes and accessories and spend lavishly. 


Responsible: Number 6 is the number of responsibility. They make excellent managers and are very good in doing multiple tasks together. 


Now I talked about the Number "SIX" people POSITIVE characteristics. Any POSITIVE characteristics to its extreme becomes NEGATIVE characteristics. So lets talk about the Negative characteristics of Number "SIX" and then something which is most important part of Numerology.


All above Positive traits become Negative like this:


  1. Lazy
  2. Too emotional at times
  3. Argumentative
  4. Addictive
  5. Relationship out of marriage
  6. Extravagant



So as I said, there are both positive and negative side of Number "SIX". So what can we do to select the Positives and avoid Negatives. The answer is simple, "Name Numbers".


Your Name Number is responsible for choosing the positive traits of Number "SIX" over it's Negative traits. So those who reflect more of  negative traits, can select the positive traits of this number by simply changing or modifying their name.


My suggestions for Number 6 people:


  • Try to control your emotions and be practical
  • Do not over indulge into alcohol
  • Try not to get over passionate about things
  • Try to control your flirtatious nature
  • Avoid being lazy


People with Number "SIX" as birth number should always follow the below to get more luck in their life:


Lucky Days: Wednesday and Friday.


Lucky Colours: Blue and pink.


Unlucky Colours: Black


Unlucky Numbers: 8 should be avoided at all times.


Lucky Dates and Numbers: 3,6 and 9 series.


Lucky Stone: Diamond.


Rules over: Number 6 rules over Kidney and reproductive system.


Professions most suited: Acting, Fashion Designers, textile merchants, jewelry designing, artists, poets, confectioners and restaurant business. Please note that Psychic Number 6 people would be the best in these jobs but it does not mean that they will not do well in other work. Based on their strengths and weaknesses, they will be the best in these areas of work.



Examples of people with Birth Number 6:

Sachin Tendulkar born on 24th April 1973

Madhuri Dixit born on 15th May 1967

Anil Kapoor born on 24th November 1960



Relationship Compatibility Chart For Number 6: