"Numbur E-Science" is a unique Numerological system developed by so much perseverance by me. It combines all the positives of old numerological systems and gives an stable system. Uniqueness of Numbur E-Science are listed below:


1. Everyone is born with an aim of life. There is certainly a purpose of each birth. Numbur E-Science soul aim is to provide you a name according to your purpose of birth. Complete your life by completing your Karmas, guided by your DOB and Name.


2. Numbur E-Science has given a very important finding in terms of Main and Destiny numbers. Each individual has two personalities: one's what he thinks about himself and second is what others think about him. Main Number tells what we think about ourselves while Destiny number is what world is thinking about us.


3. Your Name Number helps you choose Positive Traits of a number over Negative Traits.


4. Combination of Main, Destiny and Name Numbers creates different personalities. Hence there are 4212 types of personalities. How??? Calculate yourselves from previous readings.

5. Equilibrium Name is a unique finding of the numerological method Numbur E-Science developed by me. It helps you in three ways. First it allows you to follow your purpose of birth.Second it allows a balance between personal and professional life. Third it also maintains money, relationships and health equally. There is a lot of imbalance in everyone's life these days. Numbur E-Science will maintain the required balance in One's life by providing the Equilibrium Name.


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