What Is Numerology

Technically speaking Numerology is a branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers. Too much hazy definition... Isn't it?


There will be various explanations about What exactly Numerology Is. My findings are entirely different. Read this carefully for getting the meaning out of your life.


"Everyone is born with an aim of life. There is certainly a purpose of each birth. Numerology sole aim is to provide you a name according to your purpose of birth. Complete your life by completing your Karma, guided by your DOB and Name."


This above defines the importance of your name. A name is like a parent to you. You will be getting guidance by your name, your entire life. Numerology helps you choose your name as per your DOB. A date of birth is not just a date, in fact its numbers represent planets governing your life. Below you will find, what planets/stars are represented by which number.


1 represents Sun.

2 represents Moon.

3 represents Jupiter.

4 represents Rahu (imaginary node).

5 represents Mercury.

6 represents Venus.

7 represents Ketu (imaginary node).

8 represents Saturn.

9 represents Mars.


Role of these planets in your life, will be discussed in the next column "Birth Number".